The team

Poggi is a story of a craft which became a business, it is artisan knowledge which evolved through the generations to become a company and along the way it has produced innovations by investing in technology and human resources

Today Poggi is a well-developed company, a business made up of a workforce able to provide a full service and highly qualified consultancy and design staff, right through from the research into the viability of an installation up to the final testing, whilst also providing professionalism and skills in making the electric control panels in a way that satisfies even the more complex industrial automation demands.

Over the years the company, driven by the commitment, passion and workmanship of the Poggi family, who work at the core of the company covering some of the more significant roles, has equipped itself with an in-house design office which is staffed by engineering personnel who benefit from well-established experience in the industrial automation sector and which takes advantage of highly specialised technical personnel and cutting-edge technology.

The in-house production process is organised according to tried and tested procedures to obtain a high level of quality and optimum performance in the products.