a knowledge that has come a long way

A tradition rooted in the past in order to provide for the future. As a company Poggi emanates the Made in Italy standard of excellence which evokes worldwide envy: it is the result of an action which has been maintained through the years and which has been passed from generation to generation with passion.

It is in this way that the know how, built on values and artisan experience, has transformed the small family business into a specialist company today able to compete on the international market where it is recommended as a leading-edge partner in the design and build of any type of electrical control panel for industrial automation systems (electrical panels, electro technical panels, electromechanical panels, electronic boards, automated panels, control panels…)

An achievement that is certainly reason to be proud but that does not represent a finishing line; the company is committed to keeping up to date on a daily basis with continuous technological and professional updates, in order to further improve its performance and competitiveness.